A Child’s Work – Archgate Montessori School – SNEAK PEEK

We simply can’t wait for this space to be filled with activity!

Architecture Demarest is proud to work with Archgate Montessori Academy on its campus expansion which will be full of busy children very soon. Interaction with peers and the environment is a critical part of the Montessori education, and through the architecture in this expansion, there is an open invitation for interaction. Flexibility was an important part of the program with nearly every space doing double-duty. We utilized break-out spaces in the classrooms so the students could have more focused conversations while also allowing for opportunities for different classrooms to engage with one another, and after school, these can be smaller meeting rooms. The library has built-in seating in the wall that doubles as sound absorption and also integrates vision panels so people can look in from upstairs. There are lounge spaces outside of the gymnasium for work that spills out of the classrooms with areas to showcase the children’s work. The gymnasium has a fold-up door separating it from the cafeteria that lets the space double as an auditorium. We are so excited about all of the possibilities in these spaces. 

Emily Demarest

January 16, 2020