Get to Know Architecture Demarest Project Manager, Mike Lerner

Mike joined Architecture Demarest in 2014 as a project manager in the Dallas office.

Mike is a registered architect in the state of Texas with over 20 years of experience.  He has a diverse background of project types, ranging from commercial, hospitality, and educational, to public utilities and multi-family.  Mike’s experience in project documentation, coordination and specifications enable him to deliver outstanding service to Architecture Demarest’s clients.   He graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1994.

Mike is an Eagle Scout and volunteers as an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 707 in Dallas.  He is also an advisor for a newly formed Architecture Explorer Post, introducing high schoolers to the design profession.

We ask Mike a few random questions and this is what he had to say:

What junk food is your weakness?

-Donuts and bacon cheeseburgers

If you could be a professional athlete what sport

would you play?

-Formula 1 Driver

What is your dream car?

-Aston Martin DB9

If you had next Monday off, what would you do with it?

-Sleep in and binge shop at REI

Favorite dinosaur and why?

-Pterodactyl ? cuz they can fly!

If you were going to do karaoke tonight, what song

would you sing?

-Mack the Knife


April 29, 2016